Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Greetings everyone,

I am so excited to share with you some of the magical herbs that will be added to my Etsy Shop this week. I'll be selling a variety of magical herbs/spices/botanicals by the ounce. Right now I have the following 6 almost ready to list:

Fenugreek Seed - Ritual Power: Money

Cut Ginger Root - Ritual Powers: Love, Money, Success and Power

Poppy Seed - Ritual Powers: Love, Fertility, Money, Luck, Sleep and Invisibility

RoseHips - Ritual Powers: Love, Relationships, Companionship and Peace

Star Anise - Ritual Powers: Psychic Powers and Luck

St. John's Wort - Ritual Powers: Health, Protection, Strength, Love, Divination and Happiness

I anticipate that they will be live in the shop tonight. These are part of the wonderful selection of herbs, spices and botanicals that I purchased on my trip to San Francisco this month. Right now my studio smells amazing though it is currently the poster child for chaos! 

Once I finalize these listings I'll be working on the next batch which includes catnip, wormwood, pennyroyale, whitewillow bark, calendula, lavender, hibiscus flowers and rosepetals/buds. 

My kitty has been hanging out near the cat nip bag, she keeps waiting for me to put some in a toy for her. She is 16 and turns into a kitten when I give her catnip filled toys, so that is on the agenda as well and soon! 

This is a cross post with my Beneath TheWitch's Moon personal blog.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

So Much to Share

I have so many fun things that I am working on for the shop. Embroidered and hand beaded Tarot Bags, Herbal Bath Teas, a selection of magical herbs and botanicals and possibly some sculpted pieces.

Here is are the two embroidered silk zipper bags that are already in the shop

The bags are made from a black Dupioni silk fabric and embroidered with richly colored polyester thread then hand beaded by me using coordinating glass beads. I love how these have turned out! I'll be adding more bags in different colored silks and in different designs soon.

Check back later this week for a peek at some of the magical herbs and botanicals that will be in the shop next weekend!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Courage Oil is now in Stock

I love magical oils, they can be used in so many ways, to anoint candles, jewelry, tools, bodies, in a ritual bath, in a floor wash and so much more. 

This particular oil is one of my favorites which is why I choose it to be the first Magical Oil I sell in my shop. It is specifically designed to give your courage a boost when you are starting something new. As an artist I always feel hesitant when I start a new project so I keep this oil around the shop and when in need of a little boost I just dab a bit on my wrist. I've also put a couple of drops on a sachet to carry in my purse when I needed to take that courage with me (this oil goes great with the Help with a Job Search Spell Bottles!)

My little shop is growing slowly. I make all of the items myself and since most of them are magical in nature they must be done at specific times. With my hectic schedule I work those things in when I can. I love combining Magical purpose with art. In my opinion life should be filled with both Magic and Art. 

I have more spell bottles and oils in the works and hope to add some actual hand sculpted Halloween figures and decor items by mid-August. If you are looking for a particular spell bottle email me either through the blog or contact me via The Shop

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Spell Bottles in the Shop

Small Protection Spell Bottle

Pocket Spell Bottle - Job Search

This month I've added some spell bottles which are designed to Aid in a Job Search and some designed for Protection. Both of these come in a pocket size as well as the small size. I like to carry the pocket protection with me everywhere! They are great when traveling. I always keep one in my purse. It is lightweight, easy to tuck into a pocket and pretty darn cute too!

The spell bottles that I create are done at the correct lunar and astrological times and with ingredients specific to their intent. The small bottles are created with antique crystal salt shakers which makes them lovely as well as powerful!

Coming soon - Courage Oil, This oil was specifically crafted to aid someone in trying new things or beginning a new project. It is just about ready to go and I anticipate it will be in the shop by Monday.

I am also working on some decorative bottles for Halloween. This weekend I'll be sculpting a skull to add to the cork stopper on one of them... I will have a couple of sneak peeks soon!

Now that the shop is up and running I'll be updating this blog regularly with new items, specials, sales and more.

Monday, February 25, 2013

I am happy to report that I have added  several Good Luck Spell Bottles, a few Mini Prosperity Spell Bottles, a lovely gold embroidered Wheel of the Year alter cloth and some additional Domino Pendants to the shop this week.

I am working on some other types of Spell Bottles, some ritual kits, additional alter cloths and some other fun things that I hope to add soon. 

Here are the Good Luck and Prosperity Spell bottles

Good Luck Spell Bottles

Mini Prosperity Spell Bottles

I was fortunate to find a box (velvet lined no less) of antique crystal salt shakers to use for my mini spell bottles. They turned out so nice I will be hunting for more soon!

Wheel of the Year Altar Cloth

The altar cloth embroidery design is from my favorite design shop - Urban Threads. It depicts the phases of the moon, the astrological signs and the Witch holidays. It is embroidered in metallic gold on a purple/blue crushed velvet type material - stunning!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Domino Pendants are in the Shop

Steampunk Muse

Recently listed - Steampunk inspired domino pendants. Each unique piece is created using art rubber stamps, inks, metals, rhinestones and more. No two are alike. More to be added soon.

Spell Bottles in the Shop

Prosperity Spell Bottle

Currently I have 2 beautiful Prosperity spell bottles in the shop. Each one is a working piece of art. Designed to bring wealth and prosperity into your life in a beautiful way. More spell bottles are in the works. All of our spell bottles are created ensuring the correct moon and astrological phase to ensure the spell is a powerful as it can be.