Monday, February 25, 2013

I am happy to report that I have added  several Good Luck Spell Bottles, a few Mini Prosperity Spell Bottles, a lovely gold embroidered Wheel of the Year alter cloth and some additional Domino Pendants to the shop this week.

I am working on some other types of Spell Bottles, some ritual kits, additional alter cloths and some other fun things that I hope to add soon. 

Here are the Good Luck and Prosperity Spell bottles

Good Luck Spell Bottles

Mini Prosperity Spell Bottles

I was fortunate to find a box (velvet lined no less) of antique crystal salt shakers to use for my mini spell bottles. They turned out so nice I will be hunting for more soon!

Wheel of the Year Altar Cloth

The altar cloth embroidery design is from my favorite design shop - Urban Threads. It depicts the phases of the moon, the astrological signs and the Witch holidays. It is embroidered in metallic gold on a purple/blue crushed velvet type material - stunning!

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