Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Spell Bottles in the Shop

Small Protection Spell Bottle

Pocket Spell Bottle - Job Search

This month I've added some spell bottles which are designed to Aid in a Job Search and some designed for Protection. Both of these come in a pocket size as well as the small size. I like to carry the pocket protection with me everywhere! They are great when traveling. I always keep one in my purse. It is lightweight, easy to tuck into a pocket and pretty darn cute too!

The spell bottles that I create are done at the correct lunar and astrological times and with ingredients specific to their intent. The small bottles are created with antique crystal salt shakers which makes them lovely as well as powerful!

Coming soon - Courage Oil, This oil was specifically crafted to aid someone in trying new things or beginning a new project. It is just about ready to go and I anticipate it will be in the shop by Monday.

I am also working on some decorative bottles for Halloween. This weekend I'll be sculpting a skull to add to the cork stopper on one of them... I will have a couple of sneak peeks soon!

Now that the shop is up and running I'll be updating this blog regularly with new items, specials, sales and more.

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